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Our Home's Fox Deity wiki is a website dedicated to the Anime, Manga and Light Novel series and contains everything you will need to know.

Our Home's Fox DeityEdit

Our Homes Fox Deity (Wagaya no Oinari-sama) revolves around an ancient supernatural fox deity, named Tenko Kugen , who has promised to protect the lives of the Takagami brothers, Toru and Noboru , together with absent-minded shrine maiden Ko . Throughout, Toru and Noboru are pursued by strange demons and creatures with the intent of absorbing Toru’s blood, which he is told is strong with Yin.

Our Homes Fox Deity is a Japanese light novel series written by Jin Shibamura, and illustrated by Eizō Hōden; the series currently has seven volumes as of October 10, 2007, the first volume being released on February 10, 2004. There is an manga adaptation by Suiren Shōfū that was serialised in the Shōnen manga magazine Dengeki Comic Gao! on February 27, 2007, Before being transferred over to Dengeki Daioh, after the former was discontinued on February 27, 2008. The manga was published by ASCII Media Works. An anime adaptation, produced by Zexcs, aired in Japan between April 6 and September 14, 2008, containing a total of 24 episodes.

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